This book gets more and more interesting every time I read.  I actually had a dream on that night after I read about how people react after being in the Slammer.  It is so horrific for them to be isolated and think that they are going to die soon.  It is absolutely a torture!  I really admire them for working with the hot agents in level four.  They are risking their lives trying to find out more about the viruses.  I think I would have a mental breakdown if I work in there.  Working with an unknown virus is the most frightening thing ever, one tiny mistake can cause something unexpectedly scary.  Reading this book makes me think about the filovirus whenever I got a paper cut.  Are people in the undeveloped countries aware of the viruses? They have such a poor environment and education, which means there might be a bigger chance for the virus to explode there?  I am also curious about  what would happen if Colonel C.J. finds out that Geisburt and Jahrling didn’t tell about their possibilities of getting sick because of the virus?  They will probably be in the Slammer, but would they be trusted again?  I really like to read about how they deal with the viruses in the lab, and the Slammer.