Here are these apples which is an example of Ethylene because Ethylene plays the role in determining the apples harvest and storage life/ the apples age.

Here is a tomato which is a genetically modified organism because at one point they have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. But they aren’t GM anymore.

Here is a bottle of wine, not mine of course lol. But wine is an example of fermentation which is the process of taking away energy from the oxidation of organic compounds. Like the whole process with grapes and wine. 

Here is some rice which is an example of a C3 plant. C3 carbon fixation occurs in all plants in the first steps of the Calvin-Benson Cycle, it is a process that converts carbon dioxide and ribulose biphosphate into 3-phosphoglycerate.

Here is a picture of a grasshopper found in my friend’s car, which is an animal or insect that contains a segmented body.