Fermentation is the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat. Fermentation takes place in the production of cheese when lactic acid is produced and acts with an added enzyme.


 An exoskeleton is a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals. Crustaceans, like the one that once lived in this conch shell, have exoskeletons. 


 Eubacteria are a type of bacterium that have simple cells with rigid cell walls and often flagella for movement. Some eubacteria can cause diseases that can supposedly be killed by this hand sanitizer.

Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is a kind of tissue that binds, connects, supports, or separates other tissues or organs. The inner layers of the skin and bone and fat tissue are examples of connective tissue and are components of my hand.

Cuticle Layer of a Plant

 The cuticle layer of a plant is the non-cellular protective layer covering the outer cell layer of the green aeriel parts of land plants. This is a picture of a flower that has a cuticle layer on it.

The Hot Zone Part 2

The second part of the Hot Zone delves into an even more interesting plot. The section is set around the monkey house in Reston, Virginia where scientists have trapped several monkey in different rooms and are using them for research for the hot viruses. It is interesting to learn about the different monkeys and their behaviors such as the crab eating monkeys who dislike humans (I never knew that there were crab eating monkeys!). However, I dreaded reading the parts about when the monkeys were cut open and examined. I have been forced to face the fact that this book will continue to be more gross and gruesome than my liking. I was also shocked at the murder of Jerry Jaax’s brother and the fact that Nancy continues to dissict monkeys rather than visit her dying father. The end of Part two becomes more suspenseful as the scientists at the monkey house race to find answers.

Sorry about posting this two days late but we’ve been traveling on the road for the past two days and we just got home late yesterday night, so that is why I was unable to post on time.