Endotherm- bird(:

Endotherm is an animal that can generate internal heat, and it’s  a warm-blooded animal.
This is Porky from Tiffany’s backyard. :}

Ectotherm- fish(:

These are Tiffany’s fish, and she made all those domos too. 😛
Ectotherm is an animal that is dependent on external sources of body heat.

Homeostasis- sweating(:

Homeostasis is the maintenance of one’s state or condition.
My cousin, Sarah, sweated and got rid of the heat and water.
She had to reclaim the water that she lost while sweating, so she had to drink to keep her body hydrated.

Epithelial tissue- skin(:

It’s membranous tissue that covers internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body.

Basidiomycete- mushrooms(:

Basidiomycete is a large group of fungi bearing sexually produced spores on a basidium.