Dandelions are perfect examples of seed dispersal. All of the tiny little white things on dandelions that get carried away by the wind contain little seeds. So wherever the white fur lands...a new dandelion will grow!

Egg: salmonella
Some eggs contain salmonella. Salmonella is a form of bacteria that is a prokaryote which is single-celled and laking a nucleus and other organelles.
Maggie the Dog
Animals such as dogs have connective tissue in their bodies that helps support the organs and provide a sort of framework to the body. Maggie Mae has connective tissue in her.
Thorns on roses
Roses have thorns on their stems to help protect them from being attacked by animals and insects. A modified stem of a plant is one that has unique objects on it (like thorns) to help protect the plant from outside forces.
sea salt
Sea salt is a hydrophilic substance because it dissolves in water. Therefore water and sea salt mix so it is a hydrophilic substance.