Here is some delicious butter which contain a lot of fatty acids known as lipids. Lipids are also used for energy storage and are a necessity when it comes to the structural component of living cells.

Most animals that live in shells, such as crabs, contain an exoskeleton. Exoskeletons are just external skeletons that supports and protects and animals body, which a shell acts as in most circumstances.

When Cherries are in the process of harvesting, they are sprayed with gibberellins about 3 to 4 weeks before they are harvested. Gibberellins  are just plant hormones that regulate growth and influence various developmental  processes,  including stem elongation, flowering, enzyme induction, and leaf and fruit senescence.

Here is a picture of hands, which exemplifies epithelial tissue because of the skin. Epithelial tissue covers the entire internal and external body surface. It is made up of cells closely packed and ranged in multiple layers.

This is a picture of some  cupcakes made with cornmeal. Cornmeal is an example of Glycogen because it is referred to as starch, and sometimes as animal starch.