Modified stem of a plant: The stem of the rose bush (pictured above) is considered modified because rose bushes contain thorns that protect them from predators. This is also classified as modified because not all rose bushes have thorns.


Asexual Reproduction: Asexual Reproduction involves only a single parent and no sex cells compared to sexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction of plants occurs in mitosis.


Amniotic Egg: Amniotic fluid is the source of nutrients for the yolk of the organism growing within the egg. Amniotic fluid surrounds and stimulates the organism during the growth process.


Homeostasis: Homeostasis creates equilibrium between all systems of the body. In order to achieve homeostasis, humans must sweat when they are hot and shiver with they are cold. In the picture above we are sweating at band camp to remain cool.


Connective Tissue: Connective tissue is the tissue that connects ligaments and tendons. This tissue can be found in the fingers of humans (as pictured above) as it allows the fingers to move more freely, but remain connected to the rest of the body.