Gibberellin are plant hormones that regulate growth and influence various stages of the developmental process. Gibberellin are found in young leaves like the ones pictured here.


Meristem is the undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed at the tip or root. This tree has meristem in its roots.

Lipid used for energy storage

Lipid is a fatty or waxy organic compound that is readily soluble in non-polar solutions. Oil, such as the olive oil in my kitchen, is a lipid used for energy storage in animals.

Long-day plant

A long-day plant is a plant that flowers only after being exposed to light in periods longer than a certain critical length, like in the summer. Lettuce is an example of a long-day plant.

Flower Ovary

A flower ovary is an ovule-bearing lower part of a pistil.  In the bottom middle of the blossom is the flower’s ovary.