This potato is an example of a long day plant because it thrives during days when the light is longer than 12 hours, hence it's called a long day plant.

This stick of margarine butter contains saturated fats. Fat is a lipid used for energy storage.
The hummingbird exhibits an adaptation of an animal in that its beak is long and narrow which allows for it to reach into a tube-like structure petals make to drink the nectar. The beak is adapted to reach deep into the flower; therefore, the hummingbird is better able to survive in its environment because of its adapted beak.

Its really hard to see but there is a duck in the river through the trees. The duck also demonstrates an adaptation of an animal in that its webbed feet help it to swim in the river. Therefore, its feet are an example of an adaptation because the skin between the toes allow for easier swimming which allow it to survive in its habitat.


Inside the sammich baggie is a pink liquid. The liquid is pink only because my brother was chewing bubble gum. The liquid, saliva, contains an enzyme, amylase, which helps chemically digest food before it even reaches the stomach. The enzyme acts as a catalyst and speeds up digestion of food in order that more nutrients be obsorbed faster. It hydrolyzes (chemicals react with water to form other chemicals) starch and glycogen.


These tuna fish are examples of genetically modified organisms (gmo's) because they acquired one or more genes by artificial means. Not every gene was native to tuna, such as an artificial growth hormone that causes it to reach maturity faster.


85% of all sugar beets grown and sold in the United States are considered to be a genetically modified organism because it artificially received oen or more genes that may allow for the organism to fight infection or something to that extent.


This worm is a hermaphrodite in that it acts as a male and female: it produces sperm and eggs. It needs another organism to fertilize it though.


The head of lettuce the turtle is eating is another example of a long day plant in that the plant flowers only when the light is longer than a critical length. The lettuce needed a lot of sunlight to grow, so doing best during days with more light than night makes it a long day plant.