Even though I was not the biggest fan of this novel in the beginning I have now come to really enjoy the story.  This novel has become quite the page turner.  The story line is straight out of a House episode, which in the beginning I thought I would not enjoy.  I am proud to say that I can now tolerate this novel’s explanatory, gruesome details.  I found it interesting in this part that the Renton Monkey House owner Dan Dalgard seemed to be more worried over the end of his business then the possibility of an Ebola outbreak.  Did Dalgard know about the severity or deadliness of the Ebola virus? If so, I personally do not think lost profits outweigh the chaos and destruction that would surround an Ebola virus outbreak.  Even though I hated to read about the euthanizing process, this novel has taught me the chemicals used and the procedures for euthanizing animals.  It amazes me that an event regarding a bio hazardous virus such as the Reston Ebola virus was not more published after the threat was dealt with and decontamination was concluded.  How could the government not alert the public? I think that Washington was very lucky that this virus could differentiate between monkeys and humans.  What if this Ebola virus was harmful to humans?  What would have happened?  I look forward to part four.  I cannot wait to see how this novel ends!