Animal with a segmented body: The June bug (pictured above) is an example of a segmented body, because its body is visibly segmented into three parts - head, body and legs.


Niche: A niche is the animal’s role or function in an ecosystem or an animal’s habitat. In the picture above my dog is in her natural habitat (niche) as she is sitting in my laundry room on her rug.


Anther and filament of a stamen: A stamen is the male reproductive part of a plant. This reproductive part is split up into two components the anther and filament. The stalk of the stamen is the filament and at the end of the filament is the anther or pollen sac (as pictured above).


Endotherm: Endothermic organisms are warm-blooded animals that can generate internal heat. Examples of endothermic organisms included all warm-blooded organisms (i.e. the dog pictured above).


Lipid used for energy storage: A lipid is fat which the body stores for energy. An example of a lipid is butter as shown above.