And it gets even better! Part three is mainly about how the Ebola broke out in the monkey house and how the army tried to contain the mess that was about to happen. I am extremely surprised that the people surrounding the area had no idea what was happening. I suppose it proves that the news cast were very stupid to not suspect for something to be happening on the other side of the building. I am also very surprised that none of the workers were truly harmed or that the children that were near this area got sick with Ebola. I don’t fully understand why the monkeys were completely destroyed but that the people that worked closely with the sick monkeys didn’t show signs of being sick. It was scary when Milton got sick but ended up just being the flu. I thought it was very stupid that both the Jaax’s went into the building knowing that they had children to take care of!! However, the Army did a very good job of containing the outbreak and did a very thorough job of sterilizing the WHOLE building and everything in it. Very good book and I am actually like this summer reading assignment because the book is great!