I am thrilled to say I throughly enjoyed part 3 of Hot Zone. It was overly captivating and entertaining, and it seems to become more and more suspenseful each time. However it worries me that the scientist have yet to figure out the a solution to this contagious virus, and that it led to even more monkeys to have to get killed, 400 more to be exact. This Ebola is a very serious virus, but it is interesting that it seems to be more dangerous in Monkeys opposed to how it affected the four people who became victims under  it. Then how the military cleaned the houses of the monkey’s, it just spreads so easily since it is airborne and so many Monkey’s are affected so drastically. Ultimately they were doing it to gain more information to benefit towards their search to find a cure to the virus. I’m warming up a little more to the book, it is still creepy and sad to hear about all the suffering the monkey’s endure, and it kind of changes my ill view towards animals. Overall, the book has been pretty interesting.