More outbreaks, YAYY! This ofcourse continues to freak me out, but holds my attention as well. I was extrememely saddened when all 400 of the monkeys had to be put down, I felt awful but I definitely feel like that is neccessary to control the virus and not only protect humans but the rest of the monkey species as well. When Marvin started coughing and it said he isn’t even a smoker, I got super worried. I just knew he had the virus, so I was shocked when it turned out to be a bad case of the flu. I can not believe that the government was able to hide this so well from the general public and even the snoopy media who was creeping on the wrong side of the building! I was also shocked when the 18 year olds got involved, I can not imagine the stress and risk of my life at this age. They were very honorable and brave to handle that so well. When the necropsy man sliced his finger, I freaked out. I am once again confused about how some of the different strands are lethal to only monkeys?