Part three of The Hot Zone was very fascinating to me. The fact that they had to basically kills of the monkeys was crazy. The story was interesting because all of the news people would stop at nothing to find out what was going on at the monkey house. The part that I found kind of freaky was when Rhonda Williams was having the dream about the money chasing her around with the syringe. I thought it was real so I was thinking she was going to die. When they were saying that a monkey escaped was a crazy part because I really thought that someone was going to get bit. What I have learned, and I am glad that I did, is where the Ebola came from which is the Philipines. They finally gave it a name and they called it Reston. I learned that it mostly effects monkeys and it is similar to flu viruses. I have learned that the Ebola can adapt quickly to new hosts and it could change its character spontaneously. This book is so interesting to read and I have learned a lot from it. The only question I still have is will they ever find a cure?