This book is becoming more and more suspenseful each time I pick it up. It is somewhat disturbing at the same time, having to hear about all the monkey’s dying and how quickly the virus Ebola is beginning to spread. It is just so sad that 400 more monkeys died this part due to this disease. Hopefully now that the Military are cleaning out the Monkey’s houses and gathering information to add toward their research, it will do nothing but benefit, so the monkeys can stop dying so quickly. But it was interesting to see the military handle the whole situation and to the CDC. The disease is becoming immensely powerful which of course makes it more dangerous, especially due to the daunting fact that it is beginning to affect humans and cause them to suffer because of this virus, but it is not nearly as painful as the monkeys affect towards it. It scars me thinking about the viruses and the dangerous effects accompanied with them. Also, it makes me worry about how this stuff can affect the real world.