Segmented Body-This ant has a segmented body. The segmentation allows for specialization is certatin regions of the body and allows them to have efficent movement.

Fermentation-Cheese undergoes fermentation. Fermentation is a process by whish organic foods are converted into simpler compunds and ATP is produced. The creation of cheese relies on the fermentation of lactose by lactic acid bacteria.

Lipid- Nuts, such as cashews, are made up of lipids. Lipids are insoluable in water, and can range from fats to waxes; they help to store energy in the body.

Amniotic Egg-Some animals, like chickens, hatch from amniotic eggs. Had these eggs been fertilized, they too could have produced baby chickens.

Ethylene-Ethylene is commonly used today as a plant hormone. It can help stimulate and regulate the ripening of fruit, such as this apple.

Part 3 of the Hot Zone:

Part 3 of the Hot Zone was all about the military’s operation inside the monkey house from killing the remaining animals, to collecting samples, to decontaminating the building. The job seemed overwhelming at first, with hundreds of monkeys needing to be put down, but the process went fairly smoothly with everyone being as caustious as possible by operating in their space suits and decontaminating themselves and their equipment frequently. Although it was interesting to hear about the process of tackling the Reston Monkey House, I felt that this section got fairly dull at parts. As readers, we had already gotten a look at the how seriously the army takes Level 4 Hot Agents, and I felt that a complete overview  of the Monkey House scenario was rather redundant [and a tad overplayed on the cover of the book.] I was expecting the situation to be a much more pressing issue, but it seemed in the end that this particular strain of virus only brought serious harm to monkeys, which perhaps is good for us humans, but does not make for the best story if you know what I mean. I still felt that this has been a good read because it so different than what I usually read and the writing style keeps the readers attention.