Part three of The Hot Zone is mainly about the new virus outbreak in the monkey house and how they are going to get to the bottom of it. I still don’t understand how the virus completely destroyed the monkeys but didn’t have hardly any effect on the humans who contracted the Ebola Reston. The owner of the monkey house turned the house over to the USAMRIID as soon as humans started coming down with illness. Two employees of the four employees that worked at the monkey house had come down with some sort of medical health issue. One man was vomiting in the lawn while the other man was recovering from a heart attack. As soon as humans began getting sick the book began to get even more interesting. Part three is where the press and the media really started to get involved. They would creep around the building and wait for something interesting to happen. Little did they know it was all happening on the opposite side of the building. I noticed that throughout the section of the book Jerry Jaax didn’t think about his brother as much and he seemed to have himself together more. Jerry was the man in charge of the teams that were going into the monkey house in Racal suits to destroy and demolish eternally the monkeys. Part Three was filled with excitement. For example when the monkey ran loose in the monkey house and caused a huge commotion. Also when the necropsy man was cutting out a piece of liver and sliced his finger clear open with the scalpel that had been cutting the hot liver. All of the excitement is making me eager to read the last part of the book and figure out how it ends. I am still puzzled on how the men who came in direct contact with the strand of Ebola didn’t crash and burn.