baby plant/tree

This is a picture of a baby tree/plant that is learning how to adapt to it's new enviroment. The tree has metal casing around it to block off any predators that might tryand attack the plant or simply step on it and kill it. Just like humans, plants need time to adapt as well.

Palm trees
This picture shows the view out the window of my brother’s dorm room. He has palm trees directly outside which also means he has fronds too. Fronds are the leaves on any type of palm or fern.
Butter is a lipid. A lipid is a fat that is stored for energy. Butter falls into this category because lipids are not soluable in water and they are oily to the touch.
Flower Anther
Pollen is found on the anthers of flowers. The flower contains pollen because it contains anthers, The pollen sticks to the anthers until it is transferred by wind, water, or insect.
A pollinatpr is an insect that transfers pollen from plant to plant. Wasps and bees are well known polinators because they like to travel from plant to plant which also means the pollen from thos plants gets transferred as well.
Newborn Baby gecko
Reptiles give birth to amniotic eggs. This little guy had just hatched from an amniotic egg a couple days before this picture was taken. Amniotic eggs contain a sort of yolk that protects the developing reptile.



P.S. Jazz Love wanted me to tell you hello. She was your student a couple years back and she is now my dentist(: she also wanted to say that you are still her favorite teacher!