•   Coevolution- The evolution of two or more interdependent species, each adapting to changes in the other. This Yucca flowers are a certain shape so only that tiny moth can pollinate them. The moths lay their eggs in the yucca flowers and the larvae live in the developing ovary and eat yucca seeds.
  •   Gibberellians are plant hormones that regulate growth and influence various developmental processes.
  •   butter contains saturated fats. Fat is a lipid used for energy storage.
  •  CAM Plant -A Plant that utilizes the Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) as an adaption for arid conditions
  •  An Amniotic egg is produced by many egg laying species. The egg contains fluids which help the specie grow
The Hot Zone summary Part #3
To work in the hot zone is no joke. I was surprised to see many  inexperienced people in the hot zone area. Now more people are getting sick. It was frightening to read how Rhonda Williams was drawing blood right after her incident the day before and she almost got bit the next day. Nancy Jaax is a trooper though her father passed away she put all emotion to the side to conquer their crisis.