Epithelial tissue covers the whole surface of the body. It ranges in one or more layers and is made up of cells that are closely packed. The tissue forms the covering or lining of all internal and external body. The example of epithelial tissue would be a dog’s body.

Territorial behavior is when animal is trying to defend its area. The example if the squirrel is defending its area, which is the tree.

Tropism is the way that plants react to a certain manner. For example, they way that they react to sunlight, which would be the movement or growth. The sunlight that is hitting these plants are making them move and grow.

Homeostasis is the ability of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its psychological processes. Salt and water balance is an example of homeostasis.

hydrophobic means water-fearing, which substances are afraid of the water. It is the relationship between water and nonpolar substances. The separation of the mixture of oil and water is an example of a hydrophobic.