The plot thickens! I found it rather interesting that the Army was able to withhold the secret of the Ebola outbreak from the general public. I was afraid a reporter would find out and cause massive panic in the U.S. Of course, I believe that the Army handled the situation very well and I was impressed that 18 year old “kids” were able to keep their cool and work with such a deadly virus. I know I would have had a panic attack if I was asked to set foot in that monkey house. I was sad though that all of the monkeys had to be euthanized in the end even though some of them had not begun to show signs of being infected yet. When Milton Frantig began to have symptoms, I was terrified that somehow Ebola had gotten through and the outbreak was about to become an epidemic. I know I am going to have nightmares like Rhonda Williams about being chased by an infected monkey, sadly. However, I chuckled when I later found out that he just had the flu and had to be isolated for such a long time for it. I am amazed how well the Army handled their work and made sure that the entire building was sterilized after the virus was contained and I found their methods of sterilization to be very interesting. I am slightly confused as to how a new strain of Ebola could have such a devastating blow on monkeys and nothing on humans. How can that be? I have a feeling that we will hear about Ebola Reston in the near future and hopefully the source of this virus can be traced. Great book! Cannot wait to see what happens next!