Wow!  So part 3 is by far my favorite.  It was filled with suspense and I just couldn’t stop reading it!  I found it fascinating, and pretty scary, how the author described the children playing on swings within hearing distance of the infected monkeys.  I also found it interesting how after all the lecturing that Jerry had done to Nancy, he ended up in a space suit as well.  I was shocked to learn that 18 year olds were a part of the operation because that isn’t far from my age and  I could not imagine being a part of that.  I would be paralyzed from fear alone; I doubt I would even make it in the building!  I learned that the space suits make you sweat profusely as well, and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable those people must have been.  I also learned that only one door can be open at one time in the air lock, which I found interesting.  It kind of grossed me out how the monkeys insides looked like it had been dead for days, and some were liquified.  I learned that the hands are the weakest point, and I think it would be very difficult to have to be conscious of where your body and hands are at all times.  One thing that I still have questions about is why the needles were found in the wooded area, and if anyone got infected from those that they just don’t know about.  And I of course wonder why Zaire is deadly to humans, and not Reston.  It’s mortifying to think that if the Reston strand mutated a little more, it could end mankind.  I can’t wait to read part 4!