Part Three of The Hot Zone has really summed up the intense Ebola virus situation in Reston.  It was a relief to finally found out the Ebola Reston strain was not harmful to humans, but it is also scary to think that a virus which is so deadly has the potential to spread through the air.  It was very intriguing to find out just how much planning and precautions were taken by the Army to ensure the Ebola strain was eradicated from the Reston monkey house.  It must have been extremely hard on the Army veterinarians to have to euthanize such a large about of monkeys.  Another surprising fact was that the army used relatively young and inexperienced soldiers to perform such a delicate operation.  I also can not believe that the Ebola scare in Reston did not receive more media attention, I would have thought a crisis such as this would be all over the news and internet.  Instead there was relatively small media exposure.  I personally find it frightening that the sick workers in the monkey house have Ebola Reston strain in their bodies.  I am looking forward to reading part four and seeing how this exhilarating novel ends.