It’s really crazy that they had to kill about 400 monkeys!  Working in the hot zone sounds more and more dangerous as the book goes on.  I have no idea how people can work calmly in there!  There is also a 18 year olds working, and I would just freak out if I had to go into the hot zone.  I feel so bad for Nancy that she couldn’t see her father before he died. 😦 Nancy has such a great personality that she would rather stay with the team and resolve the crisis than seeing her father one last time.  It really worries me when I read about the holes in their suits.  Are the suits safe enough for them to work in the hot zone? And duct taping it would really fix it?  It just doesn’t sound safe to me.  I don’t really get how the gray area works?  What would happen if the media found them the first place? Would the media mess up the army’s plan?