Wow, this book keeps getting more and more suspenseful. It’s scary reading about how all the monkeys are dying and how Ebola spreads so easily. It is sad that they had to kill 400 monkeys, sick or not. It was interesting to see how the military handled everything and hopefully the cleaning of the monkey house will stop it from spreading. I also can’t believe they would hire 18 year olds. I think they should hire people with more experience in the field. Nancy Jaax’s actions were admirable, most people wouldn’t give up seeing thier dad for the last time just because they had to deal with a crisis at work. I found it ironic that after all that lecturing against Nancy working with level 4 viruses, Jerry decides to do it as well. Also, I don’t think resorting to duct tape to fix a hole in a suit is a good idea. You think they would have come up with somthing better than that to fix them or make them out of a indestructible material. I also don’t get how humans can be affected by Ebola, but not Reston.