I enjoyed this section way more than the previous section. It was decided that the army was to go in and kill all 450 monkeys for samples, research and to kill off the virus. Reading through the process in which the army had to go through was way to nerve racking for me. I don’t think I could be able to work and watch my every move to not poke a hole in my suit, get blood on me, or even running out of battery power and suffer for that few moments without air. Why didn’t Nacy Jaxx go see her father when he was dying? Work should not come over family. I learned that Ebola has mutated and developed another sister, Ebola Reston. I am glad to know that it didn’t really take effect on humans but for those four men knowing they tested positive is quite frightening. Ebola Reston is to be believed that it is airborne and shows to be only deadly to monkeys but yet we don’t know for sure. Reston looks a lot like Zaire and it is very hard to tell the difference by looking at the picture. In conclusion, I want to know how the army could be so careless to let a monkey loose for some time and not capture it right away? They had some close calls but I say they were just lucky in their life-threatening situations.