territorial behavior

 Kona is not letting Johnny Boy have the toy, demonstrating her territorial behavior. She wants that toy.


 Cute Kona is panting after running around, which is making her body adjust to the heat, and is an example of maintaining homeostasis

lipids used in energy storage


 Butter is a food that is all fat, making it a lipid


 Yogurt is full of beneficial bacterias


 Cheese is allowed to age and ferment to allow it to become more….yummy and delicious I guess..I don’t exactly agree but that don’t matta.


Wine is made of grapes that are fermented in alcohol, making it an example of fermentation.
connective tissue
My hand contains connective tissue that helps it move and function.

altruistic behavior

 bird feeders are an example of altruistic behavior of humans towards birds.

adaptation of a plant

 this cactus has thorns covering it, showing an adaptation that protects it from predators.