The third part of the Hot Zone was very interesting. It’s scary to think of how easily the situation could’ve turned devastating to the world. Again, I was really interested in how the army reacted to the situation and how they dealt with the CDC and the owners of the monkey house. While I understand how the handling of the monkey house could get political, it still bothered me how some¬†scientists were just as interested in their careers as safety. There was a lot of character development, and I liked the book getting a little more personal and less clinical. I don’t understand the need to import monkeys into the US, given the risk it has, and all the possible drawbacks. I think that the importation of animals that are at high risk for infectious diseases that can affect humans should be severly limited, if allowed. Who really needs a monkey anyways, except for the scientists that use them for research, and said scientists should know the procedures for dealing with dangerous viruses like Ebola. I’m looking forward to Part Four, I already know that they go in the cave, but I don’t know what happens dun dun dunnn