Part 2 of the Hot Zone was very interesting and scary. I did not know there were such things as crab-eating monkeys that disliked humans. I also did not know that a virus could evolve so quickly. The fact that the virus was airborne and it infected the monkeys from room to room was mind-boggling!  I really want to know what the source of the virus is and if someone can create a vaccine to stop it.



This book never fails to be very interesting, exciting, and suspenseful. It made me sad when the army had to go in and kill all of those monkeys. I could not have gotten enough courage to walk inside the contaminated building let alone killing the monkeys. I wondered why Nancy Jaax did not go to visit her dying father; she chose to stay and dissect the monkeys instead. I also wonder how humans can be affected by the Ebola strain, but not the Reston strain.


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