Yogart is an example of eubacteria. Nuts and butter are examples of lipids. The big fluffed up bird is deminstraiting bird’s maiting habbit. The hole in the wall is a niche of a lizard. Bread contains yeast, which in unicellular. Dogs, like most living orginanisms, are filled with connective tissues. The ant pile is full of ants that have segmented bodies. Blue berries are a source of enzymes. The yellow thing of flowers that make pollen is called the stamen.

In part three of the hot zone, the army kills all the monkies in the monkey house to prevent mass outbreaks. I am still lost as to why so many monkies are being imported. The details in this book are still upkeeping their ability to create vivid images.  This book does a really good job of making the readers grasp how hard and dangerous some jobs are, and how the people that do these jobs live for their job-it is their passion(how Nancy kept working instead of visiting her father).