Dominant vs Recessive Phenotype

The two mice shown here are displaying the two coat lengths a mouse inherits genetically. The mouse on the left is displaying the recessive longhaired coat, while the one on the right displays the more common dominant shorthaired coat.


Flax seed contains enzymes and enzyme inhibitors that help break down foods that may be causing blockages in a person’s digestive tract.


Homologous Structure

The bone structure of the human arm and the leg of a feline have several similarities in both construction and function, making them homologous structures.


This plant is able to bend its new branches in order to gain more space around the surrounding plants. By doing so, the plant is able to absorb more sunlight and avoid being shaded.

C4 Plant

Corn is an example of a C4 plant because of its distinctive carbon fixation pathway and its ability to absorb CO2 molecules with four carbon atoms.