ATP-ATP is an organic compound that contains chemical energy that when broken down helps contribute to metabolic processes. In plants, ATP is in the chloroplasts during photosynthesis.

Bilateral Symmetry – This dragonfly has bilateral symmetry. One could draw an imaginary line down the center of the creature and half close to a mirror image on either side.

R Strategists-Fish are R-Strategists. They produce many offspring that they do not tend to in the hopes that a few will be strong enough to survive. These fish are from the Dallas World Aquarium.

Mutualism-The minnows that live in the pond in my backyard have a mutual relationship with my family. We allow the minnows to live there, while they benefit from eating Mosquito larva in the pond and we benefit from the smaller mosquito population.

Calvin Cycle-The Calvin Cycle occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts during photosynthesis. The energy produced from ATP is used to convert Carbon Dioxide and other molecules into organic substances.