kingdom animalia

Here is a picture of black worms. worms are detritivores because they consume decomposing organic matter in order to obtain nutrients. Decmposing organic matter is also known as detritus. The black worm falls in kingdom animalia.

kingdom animalia
A penguin is an example of a endothermic animal because it is warm blooded. That means that the penguin can generate heat inside it’s body. It doesnt require an outside source like the sun in order to get heat. It is in kingdom animalia because it is an animal.
kingdom animalie-groupings
A snail is an example of a eukaryote because it has a nucleus and membrane bound organelles. it is in the kingdom animalia because it is an animal with a soft body covered in a hard shell.
Kingdom plantae-groupings
This picture displays wher Cambium is produced in trees. Cambium is a tissue from which phloem and xylem grows by division. And this falls under kingdom plantae because it is a tree or a type of vegetation.
kingdom fungi
A mushoom is an example of a basidiomycete because it is a fungus whose spores develop with something called basidia. It is in kingdom fungi because it is simply a fungus.



Since I grouped in this post does that mean that each picture is worth 2 points like it says on our instructions for the project? i am a little confused!! please help me!