This tree is an example of a K-Strategist because they produce a few, often large, offspring, but invest great time and energy into ensuring that they will reach a reproductive age.


This picture is an example of lipids because lipids are found in butter. In butter, they are called saturated lipids, and they store energy and have structural roles in cells.


This picture of an ant pile is an example of a population. A population is a group of organisms ofone species living in the same place at the same time. These ants all live together under this little pile and interbreed.


These weeds in my front yard are an example of R-Strategists. R-Stragetists are species that reproduce early in life and produce large numbers of usually small and short-lived offspring.


These crows in my neighbor's yard were exhibiting territorial behavior. These birds were cawing and challenging other, usually smaller, birds that tried to land near them. The crows were being territorial, because this is where they get their food, and it is their home.