Dominant vs. Recessive: The picture above is of my dad and me. We both have blue eyes, but he has the brown hair, a dominant hair phenotype. I, however, have blonde hair which is a recessive trait.


Batesian mimicry: Batesian mimicry is when a non-harmful organism mimics the characteristic of a harmful organism in order to divert its predators. The picture above is a dirt dobber’s nest as I could not actual take a picture of a real dirt dobber. Dirt dobbers are often mistaken as wasps however they have no stinger and are harmless.


Tropism: Tropism is the change in direction or turning movement of a plant due to external forces. In the picture above, the smaller tree must lean outside the taller trees to obtain sunlight.


Cellular Respiration: Cellular respiration is the process in which plants produce energy to power photosynthesis. There are two types of cellular respiration: anaerobic and aerobic. Glucose, fatty acids and amino acids are used to power cellular respiration along with an oxidizing agent such as oxygen.


Krebs cycle: The Krebs cycle is the third stage of cellular respiration in plants. Within this stage carbon dioxide is created and ATP is produced. Unlike the other stages of cellular respiration, the Krebs cycle requires oxygen.