C4 plant is when CO2 is first fixed into a compound containing four carbon atoms before entering the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis. C4 plants are well adapted to  hight daytime temperatures and intense sunlight. Corn is a great example of a C4 plant.

Phloem is the living tissue that carries organic nutrients to all the parts of the plant where it is needed. Celery stalks have vascular bundles, which includes phloem.

A rhizome is a horizontal underground stem which can send out both shoots and roots. Some have thicken areas that store starch. A bamboo plant has rhizomes.

Genetic variation is brought by mutation, a change in a chemical structure of a gene. genetic variation can be identified at a variety of levels. As you can see within the population of the fish there is a genetic variation between them.

A niche is an animal’s particular role in the environment. For instance, a dog’s niche would be its job, protecting their family, hunting, and protecting its territory.