Adaptation of an animal

An animal adaptation is a change over generations that allows a species to better survive in its habitat. This is a picture of a chipmunk hole. Chipmunks hibernate in these holes, which is an adaptation that helps chipmunks live through the freezing winters.


C3 Plant

A C3 plant is a plant that produces the 3-carbon compound phosphoglyceric acid as the first stage of photosynthesis. This is a picture of a potato which grows on a C3 plant.

Adaptation of a Plant

A plant adaptation  allows a plant to live in a certain place. This is a picture of leaves that changed color and fell off a deciduous tree. These trees save energy by losing their leaves in the fall which helps them better survive the winter.

C4 Plant

C4 plants are plants that produce the 4-carbon compound oxalocethanoic acid as the first stage of photosynthesis. This crabgrass is an example of a C4 plant.

Anther and filament of stamen

A stamen is the male organ of a flower that consists of a filament, which is the stalk of the stamen, and an anther, which bears pollen. This is a stamen.