Yeast is a unicellular organism that consists with only one cell.

This cactus is a C3 plant because the carbon fixation is a metabolic pathway in photosynthesis.

This large leaf is considered to be a frond because of its many divisions.

Endosperm has nutritive tissue within the seeds of the flowering plant like the coconut.

Ginger is an example of rhizome because it is a  horizontal stem that puts out lateral shoots.

This lizard was not happy when it saw me so it got into territoral behavior mode.

This potato is a genetically modified organism because it has been altered by a insertion of a modified gene.

In order to maintain homeostasis calcium levels need to be kept up by having some OJ in the morning.

A mushroom is an example of mycelium because it is the vegetative part of a fungas that consists of fine white filaments.

These lizards are showing how they are adapting by using their camo to blend in with the tree bark.

This is a modified leaf because this leaves doesn’t only perform for photosynthesis; the leave go upward to protect the bud.

Mice are well know for their reproduction and as you can kinda see there is mating behavior going on in the corner of this cage.