I thought it was scary how close he was to getting possibly infected with Ebola. I thought it was kinda funny how he hit his head in the cave.  Dumb.  His exploration around Kitum Cave in the end was a nice closing to the story since it started out with incidents in the cave.  I was surprised that he didn’t take anyone with scientific background with him. I was also surprised the natives didn’t want to go in there with him. If elephants make scratching marks in the rock, how could it be that the elephants didn’t show any signs of Ebola? Why didn’t the host infect an elephant? How long did he stay in Africa?  Did anyone ever discover where Ebola originated (as in what animal Monet came into contact with during his exploration into Kitum Cave)? How did he get his gear through security at airports?  Would he have to have special permits to take it with him?