The last part of Hot Zone was very interesting to me. They didn’t focus as much on the Ebola virus but more on AIDS and the developement of viruses. They did go  into a great deal of detail about how viruses spread along one road in Africa. They were explaining this while the Man was going to Kitum cave to look around. The kitum cave scene was so captivating to me because the man was very suspicious and kept finding new things that could’ve possibly caused the Ebola virus, but none of them were the real source of the virus. He went with full expectations on finding the key to the problem and left without the treasure. It was scary how the man was covered in substances that could’ve been exploding with the disease. I didn’t really like the end of the book because I expected something totally out of the blue to happen, but nothing of that nature happened. The book overall though I loved. It is the only book I have ever wanted to keep reading until I was done with it. Thanks for making summer reading not so dreadful vandy!