Part 4 of The hot zone was very interesting to read because it was more about what happened after they discovered the Ebola virus. When the guy was going with the Macdonald’s he had so much courage to go inside that cave to see where the Ebola had come from. He basically risked his life going up there, and he ended up scraping the top of his head a little. It was fascinating when they were describing what was inside the cave, and how they think the cave formated. What I have learned is that not just monkeys visited inside of Kitum Cave, but multiple animals have been inside the cave. Ebola could be spreading around who knows where. I learned that in Kitum Cave it is very dry and dusty while most caves have water and are moist. There was no sign of running water inside the cave. One other thing I have learned is the rainforest are its largest reservoirs of viruses, since all living things carry viruses. The question I always have for this book is will they find a cure? Another question, will the guy at the end of the story get Ebola because he scraped his head on Kitum Cave? I have enjoyed reading this amazing book. It completely blew my mind to read all of this that actually happened.