The canola oil is hydrophobic because it repels from water when they're mixed together. Well they don't really mix because water is polar and they repel each other which is why canola oil is hydrophobic


There is a new shoot growing in the picture I promise. It's just really hard to see. This is considered an auxin producing area of a plant because auxin is a hormone found where new growths are occurring, such as a new shoot or an extension on a root.


My kitty is covered in skin under its fur, and skin is epithelial tissue. Epithelial tissue lines organs and body surfaces, so skin is epithelial tissue.


This grape contains ethylene. Ethylene is a gas in fruits used for ripening. This grape is ripe; therefore, ethylene is present.


My brother is covered in sweat after mowing the lawn. Sweating is used to attempt to regulate homeostasis. Homeostasis is internal balance like steady temperature. He sweated to attempt to regulate his body temperature, so this is an example of homeostasis.