R-strageist are large in population and have rapid reproductions. Fish are an example of r-strageist.

Littoral zone organisms are usually found close to the shore of the sea, lake, river. A sea star is considered to be a littoral zone organism. They are mostly in the lower-mid littoral.

Ethylene is a plant hormone, but it is different from other plant hormones because it is a gas. It ripens fruit, which is why grapes is a great example.

Gymnosperm leaves do not produce flowers, which is like this plant that I have found. They are mostly needle point plants.

The Krebs cycle is a complex series of chemical reactions in cells that utilize oxygen as part of the respiration process. It produces carbon dioxide and ATP. Flowers undergo the Krebs cycle.

Gibberellins are plant hormones that regulate growth and influence development process. Plants tend to have gibberellins.

Lipids used for energy storage is in human and animals. We use the amount of lipids stored as an energy reserve.