Part 4 of the Hot Zone was just awesome. I mean, it was the last part and even though it was a good book, I’m not a huge “reading” fan. Anyways, part 4 was quite intriguing. They focused more on the development of viruses as a whole such as AIDS, versus just a focus on the Ebola virus. The man who returned to Kitum Cave was super brave. I found it very interesting that the elephants had carved the cave. I was so nervous when the man got covered in all of those substances from within the cave, knowing that is where the first man had contracted the virus in the first place I just knew he would catch the virus. But miraculously his protective suit was enough and I was glad that he was fine. I thought it ended well even though I was still left with questions, but I assume they are questions no one knows the answer to such as where does this virus truly come from? How can they say “it will be back” so surely? Why will the virus not just completely die?