Part 2

Part two was quite interesting! I was so disappointed! But by what I have read it is still extremely detailed! To think that this virus was on American soil is surreal and too keep it quiet was probably a good and bad move. Luckily the virus didn’t become a pandemic. How would the media take all of this news? They would probably stretch the facts and freak people out more than they should. Also, how do the monkeys from the Philippines contract Ebola? And how do viruses become airborne and how does it change so fast? Also, how can Dalgard not realize that Ebola is a close cousin to Marburg. It appalls me that someone can work with animals that are potential carriers of deadly viruses such as Marburg and does not know about Ebola! Also I thought that finding infected cells through the electron microscope is a VERY time consuming job. You must have so much patience to look through a microscope and strain your eyes looking a microscopic structure. And talking about structure, by explaining that the virus strains look like cheerios and spaghetti gives me a good idea what the virus strains look like. The part that interests me the most was the virus scare between Geisbert and Jahriling. How can you not tell the colonel that you whiffed the virus? Just because the feared the slammer did not give them a reason to maybe walk around with a highly contagious virus that kills about nine out ten!

Part 3

Man this is a great book! This section was no doubt more interesting than part 2. It sadden me that the army came in and killed hundreds of monkeys for samples and research and to kill of the virus. The process was very vivid in my mind but also reminds me how I can never do this for a living. I don’t think I can calmly dissect monkeys that can be possible carrying deadly viruses while trying not to poke a whole though my suit that was the only barrier between me and death. Now the development of Ebola Reston is outrageous. It’s so mind blowing that virus can transform so fast. But how does it only have a serious toll on monkeys and not humans?

Part 4

This book has crept its way up to my list of favorite books. The ending is the best part of the book! I think that I would go on a terrifying adventure, just like the author, and explore Kitum cave. Well, that’s what I say now at my computer typing this up. I’m surprised though that Mr. Preston had the guts to explore the cave in the midst of deadly virus. Though he had protection, the suit, anything could happen and cause his suit to be damage and he somehow could have contracted the virus that lives mysteriously in the cave.  When he hit his head, I was thinking “oh no!” and I instantly played the scene from outbreak where the lady pokes herself with a contaminated needle. Thank goodness he was wearing some type of protection. This book is given me so much knowledge about Ebola and Marburg. It is absolutely fascinating. This was a great summer read and it entailed such great vivid details and storyline.