Auxin Producing Area of a Plant-The Auxin producing area of a plant is where the stem of a plant is growing, and buds form as the Auxin hormone promotes growth.

Epithelial tissue – This is Frederick Tran. Frederick Tran has skin, and skin is an epithelial tissue.

Pholem – The Pholem of a plant transports sugars and other molecules to every area of the plant. The Pholem is the inside layer of bark in trees.

 Xylem – The rings of a cut down tree show the layers of xylem built up year after year in a tree. Xylem is a system of transporting cells that circulate water and minerals. Every year, the Xylem tissue dies and then develops new, as shown here.

Endosperm- Endosperm is a tissue produced inside seeds during fertilization of many flowering plants that provides nutrition for the embryo. Many Endosperms are edible-including popcorn.