Earthworms are detritovores which are heterotrophs. Earthworms do not produce their own food so theirfore they are heterotrophs.

My friend Lane’s Chamellion displays camoflauge perfectly. Chamellions blend in with their surroundings in order to stay hidden from predators. Adaptations are things the animal has or does in order to survive.
Deer are warm blooded animals which means they are endothermic. They can maintain a constant body temperature internally without the use of an outside force.
Elephants have glucose deposited throughout their bodily tissues as a store of carbohydrates. It is a polysachharide that forms glucose.
Blue Bonnets
Cellular respiration takes place in the mitachondria of blue bonnets and other plants. Cellular respiration converts biochemical energy into ATP, which is the main energy source of a plant.
This is my second example of lichen. The only difference is that in this instance the crustlike growth is growing on a tree not a rock.
This rock in my neighbors backyard has lichen forming on it. Lichen is a slow-growing plant that forms a crustlike growth on rocks, walla, or trees.
This picture of my cousin sammy holding Mobey(the fish) displays the perfect example of an ectotherm because fish require an outside force to regulate their body temperatures