This grape is at the highest stage of ripening and had begun to produce a large amount of ethylene gas, which has caused the ripening. The gas causes the grape to expand to full ripeness and eventually the fruit will begin to rot.


This Betta Fish is an example of an R-Strategist. Betta fish usually begin to reproduce at a young age and tend to lay up to 100-150 eggs at one time to ensure that a large amount of their offspring survive.


Cannas are an example of a rhizome plant because they begin growing as a horizontal stem underground. The Cannas then begin to shoot vertically up from the soil and continue to develop.


A niche is an animal’s role in its environment. This mouse serves as a consumer by eating plants and other grains that are growing in the environment, and it serves a role as a source of food for larger predators that live in its environment.

Vestigial Structure

Even though they do not have legs, snakes have vestigial pelvic bones. They serve no purpose in the snake’s movement but do not harm the snake in any way. The structure is useless to the snake.