This cactus is an example of an adaptation of a plant because it has developed needles in order to survive and keep away predators.

Analogous structures are organs or traits that are similar to other organisms, but do not perform the same functions. A human’s arm isn’t used for walking but a dog’s arm is.

The inner area of a tree is the phloem. Phloem is the living tissue in vascular plants responsible for carrying organic nutrients to all the parts of the plant where they are needed.

Birds are a good example of K-strategist because they mainly reproduce in small numbers and focus on protecting their offspring so they have a longer life span. K-strategists also have a lower mortality rate.

Butterflies like many other organisms have bilateral symmetry, which is a basic body plan where the left and right sides of the organism mirror each other.

Ectoderms are organisms that control their body temperature through external means, such as fish, which rely on environmental heat sources.

Ginger is a rhizome which is a horizontal, underground plant stem is capable of producing the shoot and root systems of a new plant through asexual reproduction.

These two mice are exhibiting mating behavior and are attempting to produce more offspring.

C3 plants tend to grow in cloudy, cool, and wet climates where the light levels are often low, and they contain 3 carbon atoms.

The thorns on this rose bush are an example of a modified stem of a plant because the thorns offer protection for the plant.

Epithelial tissue covers the entire human body and also lines the organs. It consists of cells closely packed together and arranged in multiple layers.

This seed came off of a tree and is an example of seed dispersal by the means of wind to knock the seeds off of the tree and spread them around.

This is the neighbor’s dog which exhibited territorial behavior by barking and growling at me when I attempted to come into its backyard, or territory.

Commensalism is a symbiotic relationship where one species is unharmed and the other species receives benefit from the relationship. I am giving my dog a treat which benefits her and is not harming me.

The best known xylem tissue is wood as shown in the picture. Xylem tissue is found throughout the plant and its basic functions are to transport some nutrients and water through the plant.